Crystal Evil Eye

Crystal Evil Eye

  • HAPPY ACCESSORIES FOR A HAPPIER YOU – Made with Czech beads on a wax rope using a beadwork technique in which seeds are woven together using thread to create the illusion of a flat fabric. Colors don’t fade and it can be worn by women, men and kids alike!

  • PROTECTION AGAINST ENVY AND JEAOLUSY – Each piece comes with an eye charm with the word “AYOUNIK” which means “Your Eyes” in Lebanese. Many cultures believe that the evil eye is a talisman created to protect against the misfortune or injury that a person can receive through the eye of a jealous person. It is believed that if the eye falls off, it has protected you from the evil eye

  • ADJUSTABLE – It doesn’t matter what your size is, the bracelet can be adjusted to fit any wrist so it won’t come off while you do your daily activities. Wear it with confidence and reflect the trendy look of the latest fashions

  • VERSATILE – It is a unisex bracelet that matches any outfit and is comfortable to wear. You can combine it with other bracelets and casual clothes. It is also a great accessory to give as a gift

  • HANDCRAFTED – Every piece is handmade, so each bracelet is fun, colorful and unique. By purchasing one of these items, you are acquiring a unique product that is different from every other piece that is out there

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